ApprenticeshipQ Assessment tool

The ApprenticeshipQ Online Assessment Tool is a semi-automated online checklist capable of guiding conformity assessment exercises towards the ApprenticeshipQ Quality Criteria and of producing objective reports of the results. It can be used to assess educational organizations who offer work-based learning and their partner companies, who provide the apprenticeship placements.

The tool was designed and is configured to support different types of assessments, namely:
First part audits, also called internal audits or self-assessment exercises. These are assessments performed by an organization to themselves. Examples: an educational organization or a placement provider / SME, that want to know if their practices already match the ApprenticeshipQ Quality Criteria.
Second part audits, also called partner qualification audits. These are assessments performed by a given organization to a partner, with the objective of qualifying (or re-qualifying) it as such. Example: An educational organization who is selecting companies to become placement providers for the work-based learning offered by their programmes of study, using the ApprenticeshipQ Quality Criteria as selection criteria.

Third part audits, also called certification audits. These are assessments performed by external bodies, such as certification and regulatory bodies. Examples: A national accreditation agency for higher education that wants to complement their periodic evaluation of an educational organization that offers work-based learning experiences to their students using criteria specifically developed for apprenticeships.

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