Best cooperation next door – Siemens Mobility GmbH

By Maja Dragan, Christine Wöls, Hagen H. Hochrinner

The company has developed a trainee program for dual students. They have a written documentation for the skills and competences development of the student.

The role of the mentor is often taken over by the alumni or/and the student of a higher semester of the FH.

Each year the company inserts their offer on internships. Here a student can find the topic, the place and the requirements. The student has to apply directly at the company, he/she has an interview and then the company/ department of the company selects the student. All apprenticeships are evaluated by using a standardized questionnaire. The representatives of the company come to HEI for a yearly tuning session as a part of evaluation.

The evaluation session is organized for the internship students once a week and the work of the current week is being discussed.