Volksbank Heilbronn eG interlinks the theoretical and practical phases of apprenticeships

By Nina Brunn (VR Bank Heilbronn) Naïla Wagner, Anna Frankenberg, Raimund Hudak (DHBW)

Volksbank Heilbronn eG is a cooperative bank based in Heilbronn, offering different types of apprenticeships. To ensure that the theoretical and practical phases are closely dovetailed the company has developed a handbook and a training plan based on this manual. The standardisation of the training aims supports the evaluation of the apprentice.  

Regular feedback conversations and assessments foster the interlinkage of theory and practice as well as strengthen the personal and professional development of the apprentice.  

In addition, the company is training the apprentice on a regular basis to ensure the interlinkage of the knowledge from the theoretical phases with required practical skills. If a specific topic is not covered by the curriculum, the company organises a specific training.